Monday, August 3, 2009


GOLDEN CHAIN INT GCI was established in 2008. Its Head Office is in Lahore, Pakistan.

GCI is developed to serve worldwide in Referral Marketing. The main focus is to promote Quran and Quranic ethics. Consumer products for all the category of people are also in our Portfolio. GCI consists of a team of highly Qualified Professionals in their respective fields. As its not possible for us to survive in this competitive market without a team of Professionals.

GCI with its vast experience of many years in Referral market, promoting, “Move Ahead, Achieve More”. We can assume our distributors excellent Performance.

GCI`s Commitment is toward “Smarter way to work and earn”, useful products in affordable prices with Attractive Bonuses and rewards. We welcome you to join us in creating and spreading a prosperous business together.

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